Base Restaurant & The Afterburner


The Base Restaurant services a vast number of customers. We provide 7 serving lines in the main restaurant that prepare breakfast to order, sub and sandwiches, a large salad bar, fried chicken, Mexican, hot sandwiches, and a cafeteria line that has 3 entrees daily. The Restaurant also services 11 snack bars that are nestled throughout the base. Offering over 35 food offering in addition to a multitude of snack foods. If you are geographically separated from any of these services. We can provide mobile truck services that can provide food products to outlying areas . For Mobile Truck service call 472-7253 or 472-SALE and we would be happy to provide you service. Vending snack food are also covered under the base restaurant if your building requires vending snacks please call 468-1192 for service.