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Membership Types

Owner Membership
Based on the availability of stalls.

Membership fees are $10.00 per month.

Stall/boarding fees are $25.00 per month.


Associate Membership
Want to come and be a part of the Robins Riding Family; but do not have an animal here? Associate Membership is made for you. Associate members are
included in all of the great events the club participate in. You can team up
with an owner member and help them tend their horses in exchange for some learning and riding time.

Associate membership is $15.00 a month.

All memberships fees are due by the first of each month and no later than the 15th.

Robins Riding Club is open to all military and DOD card holders. Active duty military and their family members will receive priority followed by reservists, retirees, and their family members, DOD civilians, and contractors in accordance with AFI 34-262.

  • Dressage Area
  • Arena
  • Jump Area
  • Two Round Pens
  • 17 Acres of Pasture
  • 30 Stalls and
  • 2 Quarantine Pen
  • Ample Storage Including Protected hay Storage

Documents must be presented to the Veterinarian Liaison before the before the horse(s) will be permitted to be stabled on RAFB. The Vet liaison shall be notified prior to the arrival of the horse(s) so appropriate documentation can be reviewed. All arriving horses must have:

  • A current negative Coggins test for equine Infectious
    Anemia with in 30 days.
  • A current (within 30 days) health certificate issued by
    a licensed veterinarian (preferably the horse’s regular
    vet) stating good general health of the horse.
    The certificate must list dates of worming (including
    compounds used) and shots.
  • East-west encephalomyelitis, Rhino, West Nile,
    Tetanus, Rabies and Influenza vaccinations must
    be documented within 12 months
  • Intranasal Strangles must be documented within
    14 days of arrival of at the stables
  • All horses must be dewormed with a form of
    Ivermectin prior to quarantine entry and witnessed by
    the licensed Veterinarian or RRC Council member.


  • Members are expected to participate in the daily care and upkeep of their horse(s), stall(s), and tack room(s).
  • Pregnant mares must be boarded at an off base facility prior to the ninth month of pregnancy.
  • Members may board up to three horses per individual or family. Exceptions may be made on case by case basis depending on space availability.
  • All vaccinations, medications (to include dewormer) are the responsibility of the owner and should be accomplished as expected by the Vet Liaison and all governing policies. Documentation an/or verification that vaccinations and medicines have been administered is required.

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