Robins Softball Championship


JSTARS Softball Champions

The Robins AFB Fitness Center hosted the Post-Season Intramural Softball tournament 9-16 July 2019 with eight teams competing in a double elimination event. The championship game held on 16 July between 408 TH vs. JSTARS was close the first couple innings until JSTARS gained momentum and pulled away to win the game 21-10. This capped an undefeated run throughout the tournament for JSTARS. Pictured 3696 JSTARS Champions, and Picture 3614 408 TH Runners- up.

408 TH Runners- up

3614 408 TH Runners- up

Congratulations to both teams for a Job Well Done! Also a special thanks to all the teams, commanders, first sergeants, coaches, fans, and fitness center staff for an outstanding softball season. Mr. John Enterman, Fitness Center Director introduced the 78 Force Support Squadron Superintendent Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt) LaFrance Ballard who gave remarks thanking everyone for their support and recognized Mr. Kenneth Porter and the Fitness Center Staff for an outstanding tournament. CMSgt Ballard then presented the awards for 1st and 2nd place to the teams/players. Mr. Porter sent out special thanks to all the commanders, coaches, fans, and officials for an outstanding season. Additional thanks to CMSgt Ballard, Mr. Russell Jackson, Mr. Enterman, Mr. Eddie Goad, Mr. Curtis Jennings, Mr. Joseph McKenzie, Mr. Christopher Ellis, Mr. Dennis Smith, Mr. Demond Webb, and Mr. David Yann for their dedication and support in making this Intramural Softball season the best yet.

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