Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday | 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (Services limited on the 1st Wednesday of the month, due to training)


DSN 497-5666 • 478-327-5666

Our Mission


We are the Military Personnel Flight at Robins AFB. Our mission is to provide quality personnel support. We handle everything from ID cards to base in-processing, assignments, re-enlistments, and retirements for all Airmen and their families. We are also the one-stop source for evaluations, promotions, testing, awards, and decorations, or other special actions. As the MPF, we also handle the distribution of CAC cards.

Identification & CAC Cards

New or changes to your ID Card?

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Customer Support

Phone: 478-327-5666
Email af.mil

Common Access Cards or Uniformed Services ID Card
If you have questions about your CAC or ID, you can visit this link. This site will guide you through the process of obtaining, using and maintaining both types of cards.
You are required to have the correct documentation to obtain a CAC or ID. To view a list of acceptable identification documents, click here. If you would like to view a helpful pre-arrival checklist for obtaining a CAC or ID, click here.

You can make certain updates yourself from your home computer! Click here to learn more about how to do things like updating personal contact information, obtaining proof of health coverage, transfer education benefits, and so much more!

Official Passport and Visa applications are processed on an APPOINTMENT ONLY basis. We do not process applications for tourist passports.

Other Services

Force Management
• AFSC/SEI Updates
• Awards & Decorations
• Duty Information Updates
• Special Duty Pay
• O/S Tour Dates
Email: us.af.mil

• Duty Status
Email: us.af.mil

• Evaluations
Email: us.af.mil


Career Development
• Promotions
Email: us.af.mil

• Retirements
• Separations
Email: us.af.mil

• Reenlistments
• Extensions
Email: us.af.mil

• Assignments
Email: us.af.mil

• Personnel Reliability Program
Email: us.af.mil

Question & Answers

Career Development

Q: Do we process tourist passports?
A: no.

Q: How long does it takes to process passports and visa?
A: 6 to 8 weeks for both

Q: Can I do my passport and visa at the same time?
A: It depends on the country. You can go to the foreign country guide to find out which countries.

Q: How long does it take to receive PCS orders?
A: 7 to 10 days after all requirement documents have been submitted.

Q: When am I eligible to reenlist?
A: First term airman 12 months prior to DOS, second term career airman 90 days prior to DOS unless you have a service directed retainability requirement.

Q: Why does my DOS and ETS not match?
A: If they do not match, then you have an extension that you have not entered into yet.

Q: When will I receive my CJR?
A: 4 year enlistees CJR window is on the first duty day of the 35th month but NLT the last duty day of the 43rd month. 6 year enlistees CJR window is on the first duty day of the 59th month, but NLT the last duty day of the 67th month.

Q: I just got an assignment, what do I do?
A: Wait for your email from career development. We will send an email with everything that you need for your assignment and schedule you for an initial assignment briefing.

Q: What are your hours?
A: 0730-1530, Walk in hours: Mon, Wed, Fri 0900 – 1100 Tues & Thurs 0800 – 1100.
Passports and visas are done by appointment only and any information or questioned can be sent via email to: 78mss.a1wpd.cd@us.af.mil.

Q: How do I apply for separation or retirement?
A: Apply through MPF in the separation or retirements link.


Force Management Operations (FMO)
Questions and Answers (Q/A)

(1) Q. Where can I find the most up to date information on vPC?
Ans. All information regarding vPC can be found on myPERs.af.mil. Please ensure you also click on “Notify Me” on the bottom of the page. This allows you to be notified of any updates to the page.

(2) Q. How do I initiate sites for evaluations?
Ans. Only MPF Management and CSS roles can initiate evaluations on members. This should only be used in rare instances. Reference the vPC CSS Evaluations Processing Handbook. Evaluations can only be initiated if a current open Evaluation does not already exist in vPC for that Ratee.

(3) Q. Is vPC able to route to an org box?
Ans. No. This capability will not be added.

(4) Q. Currently, vPC does not have the ability to prevent other MPSs from granting any access into another MPS ID
Ans. Until this enhancement is fielded, all MPSs should be working with each other to grant access into another MPS ID. As vPC is built using the PAS Admin Table, keep in mind that if the table is altered, it takes 72 hours to flow in vPC and can affect other items that are driven by MilPDS to include delivery of print products. Furthermore, the use of the PAS Admin Table does not give the capability the chain of command (parent-child hierarchy) to see all reports they are required to review or coordinate.

(5) Q. Decorations are being finalized and are displaying in PRDA, however, MilPDS is not updating after a week. How long should it take for MilPDS to update?
Ans. Contact your servicing MPS (FMO @ DSN 472-6861 or 78mss.a1wpf.fmo@us.af.milto ensure MilPDS was manually updated to reflect your decoration.


Questions for DEERS

What do I need if my ID was lost, stolen, or expired and taken at the gate?
For CAC’s you will need a letter from your unit explaining what happened to the CAC and signed by your Security Manager, Director or Commander, or a police report.

What forms of ID’s are accepted for ID card issuance?

  • You must have an unexpired Primary and a Secondary ID to obtain a new ID.
  • VA Card and Student ID are not accepted.
  • All customers 18 and over must provide two forms of ID.
  • Primary ID must be one of the following:
    • Military, Civilian and Contractor ID
    • Driver’s License
    • US Passport Book or Passport Card
    • Foreign National ID with photograph
    • Foreign Passport
  • Secondary ID:
    • Voters Registration Card
    • Birth Certificate original or certified
    • Driver’s License
    • Social Security Card
    • Photo ID issued by Federal, State, or local government

What do I need to do to update my Dependent at age 21?

  • Students can be updated 90 days before their 21st Birthday.
  • All letters must be from the Registrar’s Office or Student Clearinghouse online.
  • Updating their full-time status while they are currently enrolled in a semester:
    • Current enrollment letter from the Registrar Office stating full-time, in an associate’s degree or higher, current semester attending, anticipated graduation date.
  • Updating their full-time status while they are NOT currently enrolled in a semester:
    • Previous semester letter stating full-time status AND an acceptance or enrollment letter for the next semester.

At what age does my ID become indefinite?

  • For the military sponsor, it’s the age of 65
  • For dependents, it’s the age of 75

What do I need to update my marriage?

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate of spouse
  • Driver’s License of Spouse
  • Social Security Card of Spouse

How do I make an appointment?

Where are the nearest CAC reset stations?

What is needed to update Initial Enlistment Bonus?

  • AF 3008- Supplement to Enlistment Agreement
  • DD FM 4/1, 4/2/ & 4/3
  • Technical School Training Certificate

Q: Do you do civilian retiree dependent ID cards?
A: No. DEERS Not issue civilian retiree ID cards.